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Meet our New Recruitment Consultant.....

18 January 2021

By Stuart Duffey

Meet our New Recruitment Consultant.....

Q: Kev, welcome to Coyne Recruitment, tell our candidates and clients a little about you.

A:Thanks for the warm welcome, it’s a pleasure to be joining the team. I’ve recently returned to the U.K after living in Barcelona, so right now I’m slowly adapting to the temperature… is it always this wet here?

In my spare time, you’ll usually find me in the kitchen, on my bike, up a mountain or on the Playstation.


Q: What is your experience of the skills & employability sector and recruiting within it?

A: I’ve got wide and varied experiences within Employability & Skills; I started as an Employment Advisor with Ingeus in 2013, I loved working with clients finding out what they cared about and helping them to achieve their goals. I’d worked in the Employment Services Team which involved sourcing bulk & group vacancies for our clients.I also managed a project involving data analytics with a focus on performance.

I worked closely with Kaplan’s resourcing teams to improve the quality and volume of referrals to their short-course programmes.


Q: What’s your impression of the recruitment market across our markets, particularly with what has happened in 2020?

A: Unemployment is at a record high, my experience working in Employability tells me that the skills sector has a really positive and substantial role in helping people and businesses thrive again.

There is a mammoth amount of investment into Skills right now, exciting new programmes like Kickstarter means that I’m anticipating a phenomenally busy 2021.


Q: Why did you choose Coyne Recruitment?

A: Reputation. There is a reason that Coyne Recruitment is growing as consistently as it is; dedication, commitment and personal accountability is at the core of the business. Clients can very clearly see this and are making Coyne Recruitment their first choice for resourcing.

With such clear, exciting ambition for the future I feel really blessed to part of the team.


Q: 5 memorable facts about you?


1.      How do you know if someone is vegan? It’s the first thing they’ll tell you.

I’m Vegan.

2.     I’m a low budget actor & the face of Remote Coffee. Please don’t ask to see the advert.

3.     I speak Spanish. Well, my Spanish accent is incredible. My Spanish grammar is incredibly bad.

4.     I’ve been to 25 European countries & only one country outside of Europe.

5.     I still struggle to decide whether Samwise or Gandalf are the best members of The Fellowship…. happy to discuss.


Q: Is there anything else you want to add?

A: Just that I’m stoked to get started and can’t wait to get people in to great jobs.

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