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Vicky Higgins

Vicky Higgins

Principal Consultant

Vicky has worked within Employability and Skills for over 13 years, most of which have been with the Directors of Coyne Recruitment. Vicky started her career as an Employment Advisor and loved every second of it and Vicky is proud and honoured to also recruit for the role she used to love! Vicky takes a huge amount of pride in her work and always ensures her candidates are fully prepared as well as providing exceptional levels of service to the clients of Coyne Recruitment. Vicky enjoys her quality time with her family and is proud to work for a company that values work life balance. Vicky takes everyone at face value and doesn’t judge a book by its cover.


Quirky Fact: As a Scuba Diving Dive Master in a previous life prior to kids, Vicky is now trying to rekindle her love and return to teaching as loves everything to do with the water. Vicky is trying to convince her eldest to try it – it’s a work in progress!